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The Calm before the Storm……HOPEFULLY!! :-D

Good Morning,

Well I ve had a very busy few weeks since we last talked with gigs and moving house I have now  finally managed to find a few moments too breathe!

The house is looking lovely after all the decorating and time well spent on it…we’re very pleased!!

So far December is looking quiet with only Three gigs at the beginning of the month but I’m sure things will pick up and it ll be busy!!!

Other then the move not much to report, the ferry trip I perfromed on was a mini Cruise to France and Spain which was good and I really enjoyed working on and  performing new magic!

The Corprate gig I performed at on Coome Abbey was for a group of scientists which was hard work but fun!

The Litten Glee Comedy Club I perfromed at this month would like me to compere again at their next event in Decmeber which is nice to hear and means I must be doing something right!

I think thats all for now!?

until we meet again….have a lovely Christmas and a Brilliant new year!!

David Michaels….Like no other!!

Busy Times!!

Good Evening guys,

Well well ive been very busy since we last talked…

Ive performed at the “National Wedding Show” at Earls Court London for my agent booktheact. check out the link for some photos of me performing and a link to my profile.

I also had my own trade stand at the BNI Birmingham Business Day Extravaganza where I got to perform my magic to some of the most infulational people in the business world which was a wonderful chance to show people what I can do.

Heres yet another link “sorry” to my BNI member page along with some other great professional trade people which I can 100% recommend if you need any help or advice!

I sit here on my laptop writing this all packed and ready to drive to Portsmouth in the morning to perform on the Brittany Ferry Cap Finistere, for two weeks performing my close up magic.

Then when I get back ill be compering at The Litten Glee Stand up Comedy night.Use the link to find out more about this fantasic night!!/group.php?gid=113054402088108

Then On the Friday im performing for a corporate client at Coombe Abbey.

So lots of busy times ahead and its not even Christmas!

Till the next time we speak!

all the best in whatever your doing!

David Michaels..Like no other!!

Back to rainy Blighty!!!

Good Afternoon,

Well im back from my time away and to sum it up…..I had a blast and meant some amazing “friends”!

Ive got a week off now, then I start performing  with two shows next Saturday and Sunday In Manchester and Brimingham respectively.

I got back late Monday morning and since then ive  just been catching up with family and letting certain contacts know Im back via email all very exciting stuff haha!

Just thought id send you the lastest update…..right im off for a well earned dinner at the one and only….NANDO’S!!!

Till next time, thanks for reading!!

David Micheal…Like no other!!!

Great times!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just thought Id send a quick update to say im half way throught my time here in Gran Canaria and its going very well.

Aswell as performing and running my own workshops ive been helping out the entertainment with their team days playing volley ball, football and Aqua fit and fun its a great laugh and helps fill the hours between my sessions!

With regards the magic ive been performing as a Mad Doctor in our rep show DEADROCK which is lots of fun and tonight im perfroming in a variety show performing parts from my Family magic show which im really looking forward too!

Back home things are picking up nicely as ive got a wedding and christening the first week im back then fingers cross ill be off again as my agent has lined up a few weeks work perfroming onbroad a curise ship with O and P so its exciting stuff!

On the down side I do have an Ear infection so I would like lots of Sympathy and get well messages!!!

On a serious  note while im away out here working it will be the one year anniversary of the death of my Grandfather “POPS” which is rubbish as id like too of been back home with my family to mark the occasion.

I wont not be the person I am today or even be performing magic if it wasnt for my grandad he was my rock through the early years of my career and encouraged to be the best I can be !! so once again let me take this opportunity to “thank you” with all of my heart and say you are missed but NEVER EVER forgotten!!!! Rest In Peace “BOSS” x

Thanks for reading….till the next time!

Up Up and away!!!

Hi Guys,

Sorry Ive not done a new blog in a while (will slap my hand later)

Its been a crazy few weeks for me on the magic front, I sit here writing this from an internet cafe in Gran Canaria having arrived here Monday after a weeks training in Luton with TED. 

Im here working with the other on resort entertainers/reps for the next six weeks during there busy peak season and so far im loving every second!!!

The Team i work with are all brillaint and really friendly which is nice coming in half way through a season!

On resort Ill be dressing up as  mental characters around the pool and getting very wet!!! as well as running cicrus workshops and games!!

In the evening ill be perfroming Close up magic ballon modelling and my family cabaret!

Check back soon to get updated on all my silly goings on!

Once again thanks for reading and ill see you by the pool!!!

David Michaels…Like no other!

Back up and runnng!

Good afternoon I hope this blog finds you well?

Firstly let me apologize for the long absence in the writing  of this blog as ive been experiencing  a few technical issues my end with the site ,but  its now  back up and and fully operational which is great news as im going to commit  myself  now to writing at least one blog a month,maybe more if something exciting happens!?

Well perhaps the biggest news I have since I last blogged early last year was that  I have now passed my driving test (Second time of asking with seven minor faults)  “and now back to the showbiz world”,late last year I also performed at a showcase (a chance to perform for different agents in the hope of getting work from them) on behalf of my agent Trevor George entertainments which I felt went really well altho Ive not had any work from it just yet but fingers crossed as summer has only just arrived!  

I was also an attendee at the worlds biggest magic convention in Blackpool this year where I meant up with lots of fellow magician friends and we talked tricks into the small hours….brilliant!

In between restaurant and corporate engagements Ive also found time to go  back on Brittany ferries performing  close up magic for just under a month where I meant a wonderful and skilled magician called Mike Smith who I now consider a friend!

In other news Ive recently joined the Coventry chapter of a  business networking group called BNI which is a business referral group which helps promote your business and in return you help promote other members business’s with the philosophy Givers Gain!!

Its early days but I’m very excited by this as it all looks very promising. Ive also got my website designer Martin hard at work performing SEO  in the background of the site to help push my webpage up the Google rankings.

So all in all since the last time we talked Im moving in the right direction so fingers crossed for a very exciting six months ahead and of course ill let you know how its going every step of the way!!!

P.S you know I coun’t write a blog this time of  year without mentioning the biggest football event the World cup all I’ll say is COME ON ENGLAND!! 

Just think the next time I write a new blog England will  be world cup winners!!!……………yeah right!

Best Wishes and thanks for reading,

David Michael…Like a no other!!

Welcome to my blog,  if your looking for a magican like no other then i’m your man!

David Michaels – Like No Other

Please check often for more updates!

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